Company Description

BESTSELLER is a family-owned clothing and accessories company founded in Denmark in 1975 by the Holch Povlsen family. The company provides affordable fashion for women, men, teenagers and children under brands such as JACK & JONES, NAME IT, ONLY, PIECES, SELECTED, VERO MODA, VILA, Y.A.S and more.

The products are sold and marketed in approx. 3,000 branded chain stores and 15,000 multi-brand and department stores across 70 different markets in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Australia, India and globally via e-commerce. BESTSELLER cooperate with many independent suppliers in China and continuously work to ensure a sustainable approach in the manufacturing of garments and accessories.

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China is an independent company established in 1996 and is partially owned by the Holch Povlsen family. The company is one of China’s leading fashion retailers operating close to 6,900 stores in over 500 cities throughout China. ONLY, JACK & JONES and VERO MODA are all leading brands in China while SELECTED is expanding on the Chinese market.

There is a close cooperation between BESTSELLER A/S and BESTSELLER Fashion Group China. Most of the designs for the Chinese market are made in China to meet the taste and requirements of the Chinese consumers and over 90% of the products sold in China are also produced in China.

BESTSELLER是一家由Holch Povlsen家族于1975年一手成立的丹麦家族企业, 专门从事服装与配饰生产。公司为女性,男性,青少年和儿童提供平价时尚品牌,公司旗下诸多品牌包括了JACK & JONES, NAME IT, ONLY, PIECES, SELECTED, VERO MODA, VILA, Y.A.S等。


绫致时装集团(中国)是成立于1996年的独立公司,由Holch Povlsen家族部分拥有。该公司是中国领先的时尚零售商之一,在全中国的铺货渠道超过500个城市近6900家门店。ONLY,JACK&JONES和VERO MODA在中国都是的领先时尚品牌,而旗下的SELECTED品牌也正扩大在中国市场的销售份额。

BESTSELLER 和绫致时装集团中国之间合作密切。大部分针对中国市场的设计都在本地生产,以满足中国消费者的口味和要求。据统计,其在中国市场销售的产品超过90%都在本土生产。