Company Description

Coloplast was founded in 1957 and is today a global market leader within intimate healthcare striving to make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Coloplast markets its products and services in 139 countries and employs about 12,500 people in 41 countries. 

China remains one of Coloplast’s most important markets. Today, the company employs thousands of people in China with a head office in Beijing and a large production facility in Zhuhai. 

In 2020, Coloplast launched the company’s new five-year strategy, Strive25, where China is highlighted as one of the key markets and priorities for growth. Over the coming years, Coloplast will invest significantly in growth and innovation, creating more Chinese jobs and ensuring that more people with personal and private medical conditions get the help and support they need to lead normal lives. 



2020年,康乐保发布了未来5年的公司新战略 – Strive25。其中,中国被定义为实现增长的核心市场之一。展望未来,康乐保将大力投资于增长和创新领域,在中国创造更多的就业机会,为有贴心护理需求的人们回归正常生活提供帮助和支持。