Company Description

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education (now known as FUHU), which is a private educational institution. In 1965 the business school became integrated as an institution of higher education in the Danish Education system and today is regulated by the Danish Universities Act 2003. CBS has around 15,000 students and an annual intake of about 1,000 exchange students. With this number of students and around 400 full-time researchers and 500 administrative employees, CBS is one of the third largest business schools in Northern Europe.

In 1995, CBS established the Asia Research Centre (ARC). In 2003 ARC moved to its present location in the Porcelain Garden in Frederiksberg and it currently comprises 18 scholars. The research areas of the centre are international corporate management and strategy in Asia and current economic, political and cultural developments in the region. Research projects focusing on China figure prominently in the research portfolio of Asia Research Centre. The centre also contributes research and teaching resources to the new Asia Studies Programme, which combines intensive language training in Chinese or Japanese with sociology, economics and business studies, and to other Asia related courses and programmes at CBS. The publication program of ARC includes a peer-reviewed international journal The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies, a working paper series entitled The Copenhagen Discussion Papers and internal Background Briefs for decision-makers in business and government in Denmark as well as in the EU. ARC also holds guest lectures, seminars, workshops and international conferences. Together with Cambridge University the Asia Research Centre has created the China Executive Leadership Programme, the core of which is a strategic dialogue with CEOs from leading Chinese companies.

哥本哈根商学院(CBS)由丹麦私人教育机构丹麦商学教育促进会(现称FUHU)于1917年建立。1965年哥本哈根商学院成为丹麦高教系统的一部分,如今学院受2003年颁布的丹麦大学法案管理。哥本哈根商学院(CBS) 现有约18,000名学生,每年约招收约1,500名国际交换生。加上550位全职科研人员及600余位行政人员,CBS目前是北欧三大顶级商学院之一。