Company Description

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is a fund management company specialized in offering tailor-made investments in energy infrastructure assets globally – in particular within renewables and the greenfield segment. CIP has an industrial heritage and an energy sector focused business model with a strong track record anchored in fully integrated inhouse investment and asset management teams. CIP is a pioneer in taking its approach and methods global and in realizing a profitable green energy transition based on high ESG standards.

CIP invests in projects across a wide range of technologies including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, biomass and energy-from-waste, transmission and distribution, reserve capacity and storage, and other energy assets like Power-to-X. The CIP team comprises ~250 professionals across offices in Copenhagen, New York, Tokyo, Utrecht, Hamburg, Singapore, Melbourne, and London.

CIP currently manages more than EUR 16bn across eight funds. As one of the eight funds, CI NMF has USD 1bn commitment and primarily invests in greenfield renewable energy infrastructure projects in the fast-growing economies across Asia and Latin America as well as certain countries in Eastern Europe.


CIP是一家致力于推动能源基础建设投资与开发的基金管理公司CIP 拥有工业传统和以能源行业为重点的商业模式,拥有完全内部整合的投资和资产管理团队从而创造良好的业绩记录。CIP 是在全球范围内采用其方法模式,并基于国际ESG 标准的同时, 实现有利润的绿色能源转型的先锋。

投资领域包括:海上风电、陆上风电、光伏、废物发电、输电、储能以及其他新能源 如Power-to-X。CIP在哥本哈根、纽约、东京、乌得勒支、汉堡、新加坡、墨尔本和伦敦设有办事处,团队约 250 人。

CIP旗下共有8项基金,管理资金超过160亿欧元。作为8项基金之一,CI NMF主要投资于新兴市场(亚洲,拉丁美洲与东欧个别区域)的新能源项目。