Company Description

Danfoss is one of Denmark’s largest industrial groups and a global leader in climate and energy. It has an annual sales turnover of US$6.3 billion, and more than 23,000 employees with 58 factories in 18 countries and more than 100 sales offices and agencies around the world. Danfoss is among world leaders within research, development and production of mechanical and electronic components for many different sectors. The Group consists of five divisions: Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls, Danfoss District Energy, Danfoss Heating Solution, Danfoss Power Electronics and Danfoss Commercial Compressors.

Danfoss’ technology and solutions are widely applied in areas of residential and commercial heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, cold chain and automatic control of industrial production lines. They make modern living possible for hundreds of thousands of people around the world and propel the development of climate and energy. Danfoss has made great contributions to the Danish Green Development Model and is now playing a significant role in driving low-carbon economy in many countries in the world.

Danfoss has a long-term commitment to China and to its sustainable economic growth through increased energy efficiency. Since it started operation in China in 1996, Danfoss has always regarded China as its “Second Home Market”. The company has a major production plant in Wuqing of Tianjin and five other production facilities in Anshan of Liaoning, Haiyan and Hangzhou of Zhejiang, and Guizhou of Guiyang. Danfoss China has now over 5000 employees. Today, China has become the third largest market of Danfoss. China has the second largest number of employees among all countries where Danfoss has a presence. China is the largest sourcing market for Danfoss.