Company Description

Danish Export Association is a private, non-profit organisation for the purpose of encouraging trade between Danish and foreign companies. The association, which was established in 1965, has approx. 500 members and consists of a number of sector specific networks; Airport, Cruise & Ferry, Export Marketing, Fishing, Hospitality, Marine, Mining & Quarry, Offshore Energy, Postal & Logistics, Railway and Wind Energy. Furthermore, the association has two networks focusing on China; Danish Marine Group China and Danish Wind Energy Group China.

Danish Export Association has a service office in China, offering help to all of its members with regard to Chinese market reports, translations and media guidance, information about legislation in China, procurement of Chinese certificates, IPR-issues and Trademark registration, information about relevant activities in China, mediation of contact between Danish and Chinese companies, arranging meetings and interpretation, establishing a representative/business office or production in China, recruitment etc. Furthermore, members can also use the office/meeting facilities in Shanghai. Members of the two Chinese networks get extra benefits from the China office as well as access to a unique China oriented forum for networking.


丹麦出口协会在中国设有一家服务办事处,可以为其全部会议提供帮助,具体包括中国市场报告、翻译和媒体指导、关于中国的法律情况、获得中国政府的认证、知识产权问题和商标注册、关于在中国境内开展相关活动的情况、丹麦和中国公司的合同问题的调解、安排会议和翻译、在中国境内设立代表/业务处或生产设施、人员招聘等。此外,会员还可以使用上海的办事处/会议设施。 两个中国网络的会员可以从中国办事处获得其他便利,并可以参与专门的、针对中国的具体情况的、旨在拓展业务网络的论坛。