Company Description

DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services. DSV have offices in more than 70 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making DSV a global player that offers services worldwide. The solutions provided by the company's 23,000 employees enabled DSV to record worldwide revenue of 6.5 billion euro for 2014.

DSV has had a presence in China since 1995. In 2001, DSV was established as a legal entity, and in 2005, DSV obtained 100% WFOE status with all relevant Class A licenses. DSV’s activities in China have expanded over the years through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions: J.H. Bachmann GmbH in 2005, Frans Maas N.V in 2006 and ABX Logistics in 2008.

Today, DSV has 34 locations in North/Central China and 2 locations in Southern China, all 36 offer integrated logistics services ranging from international air & sea freight, project transports, in-plant logistics, domestic warehousing and distribution. Positioned in one of the world's fastest growing marketplaces and production centres, DSV China is able to offer comprehensive supply chain solutions. 


DSV在1995年便现身于中国市场。2001年DSV在中国成立了法人,2005年该公司在中国拥有了100%外商投资公司并具有所有相关的A级证书。DSV在中国的活动在这些年通过组织的发展以及兼并收购得以不断地扩张:2005收购J.H. Bachmann GmbH, 2006年收购Frans Maas N.V 以及2008年收购ABX Logistics.