Company Description

The company has a history of 35 years, and is continuously developing new, unique products of its own design. To ensure a high product quality, ETRADAN has its own quality control team in China checking all shipments.

A central storage facility in Denmark ensures just-in-time deliveries to the entire Scandinavian market.

The staff is split between Denmark and China, and about 2/3 of the organization are Mandarin speakers.

In addition to these activities, ETRADAN is also acting as business consultant for Scandinavian companies in relation to new China start-ups, partner matching and IPOs.

The General Manager, Peter Trampe, has been based in China for 22 years in total.

ETRADAN是一家丹麦制造和分销公司,致力于为斯堪的纳维亚半岛的批发商,主要超市和相关网上商店提供非食品产品。 大多数产品在中国自己的工厂生产。

该公司已有35年的历史,并不断开发自己设计的独特新产品。 为了确保高质量的产品,ETRADAN在中国拥有自己的质量控制团队来检查所有货物。




总经理 (Peter Trampe)在中国工作了22年。