Fertin Pharma is a family-owned company based in Denmark.  The company’s heritage in chewing gum has lasted 100 years and today Fertin Pharma is the world’s leading B2B developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical chewing gum, including nicotine chewing gum used as a smoking cessation treatment.  Through key global partners like Perrigo, GSK and Novartis, Fertin Pharma aid smokers around the globe in their efforts to stop smoking.

The business is built on the foundation of three core competencies:

  • Nicotine expertise;
  • Pharma grade product development / production; and
  • Mastery of chewing gum.

Fertin Pharma continues to build this foundation with the recent inauguration of a Nicotine Science Center to improve the understanding of the nicotine molecule and its delivery, plus the construction of a new Indian FDA manufacturing facility which was opened on 3/11-2015.

Moving forward, Fertin Pharma aims to be the leading provider of intra oral nicotine replacement (NRT) dosage forms, expanding next into nicotine lozenges. In addition, Fertin Pharma seeks geographic expansion into attractive markets like Korea, Thailand and China. As such, the company is seeking local partners to establish long-term partnerships with the common goal of supporting healthier living.

Fertin Pharma是一家丹麦家族企业。公司从事口香糖生产有近百年的历史,目前Fertin Pharma在全球B2B市场处于领先地位,公司开发与生产制药与保健口香糖,包括用于戒烟治疗的尼古丁咀嚼口香糖。通过像百利高,葛兰素史克和诺华这样的全球合作伙伴,公司为全球的吸烟者在戒烟过程中提供帮助。企业的三大核心竞争力体现在:

  • 尼古丁专业知识
  • 医药级产品开发生产,以及
  • 高超的口香糖工艺

通过新揭牌的尼古丁科学中心来加深对尼古丁分子及其作用机制的认识,再加上其2015年3月11日开始运营的印度FDA制造工厂,Fertin Pharma一直不断地夯实基础。展望未来,公司的目标是成为腔内尼古丁替代(NRT)剂型的领先供应商,接下来扩展到尼古丁含片。此外,公司寻求扩张到像韩国,泰国和中国般具有吸引力的市场。因此,该公司正寻求当地志同道合的长期伙伴,共同促进更健康的生活方式。