Company Description

G&O Maritime Group was founded in 2014 when Gertsen & Olufsen acquired Atlas Incinerators, and they grew further the following year by including Pres-Vac and Heco International. By joining forces, G&O Maritime Group can offer more innovative products and competitive solutions through shared resources and expertise, all with an aim of supporting the green transition in the maritime industry.

While the group is newly founded, the companies in the group portfolio have all proven their qualities in the market for generations. Since 1945, Gertsen & Olufsen have been providing solutions for full biological treatment of wastewater as well as compensators reducing unwanted vibrations of ships. Atlas Incinerators provides incinerators for burning of sludge oil and solid waste instead of discharging garbage to shore. Heco is a worldwide supplier of piston rod stuffing boxes for new engines and spare parts for engines. Pres-Vac is the world’s leading supplier of high velocity pressure/vacuum valves and venting equipment to the tanker shipping industry.

Head Quartered in Denmark, G&O Maritime Group are also present in Suzhou, China with a sales organisation and modern production facilities.


G&O 海事集团成立于 2014 年,当时 Gertsen & Olufsen 收购了 Atlas Incinerators,并于次年通过收购 Pres-Vac 和 Heco International集团从而得到进一步发展。通过强强联手,整合共享资源和专业知识,G&O 海事集团可以提供更多创新产品和具有竞争力的解决方案,以支持海运业的绿色转型。

虽然集团成立不久,但投资组合中的公司通过了几代人的努力都已在市场上证明了产品品质。自 1945 年以来,Gertsen & Olufsen 一直为废水的全面生物处理提供解决方案,并提供减少船舶不必要振动的补偿器。 Atlas Incinerators 提供焚烧炉,用于燃烧污泥油和固体废物,而不是将垃圾转移卸载到岸上处理。 Heco 是新发动机活塞杆填料箱和发动机备件的全球供应商。 Pres-Vac 是为油轮航运业提供高速压力/真空阀和通风设备的世界领先供应商。

G&O 海事集团总部位于丹麦,在中国苏州也设有销售机构和现代化生产设施。