Since 2003, GoGift has taken the lead in optimizing the global gift card market, providing innovative gifting solutions within the rewards and incentives industry to over 15,000 businesses worldwide. GoGift is owned by Egmont, Scandinavia’s largest media group and a purpose-driven foundation. 

As a popular gifting facilitator, GoGift offers The Global Gift Card, the first truly cross-border and cross-currency gift card, playing a vital role in GoGift’s position as a leader within B2B gifting.

Today, GoGift already offers several brand options redeemable locally in China. As they continue their global development and assist companies with Chinese business relations, they hope to expand their global gift card marketplace further to help Chinese businesses with all their local and global gifting needs.   

With the support of an in-house legal, technical and financial team, GoGift continues innovating new gifting concepts and solutions from a global perspective. GoGift supplies thousands of gift cards in more than 65 countries across the world with an international and diverse team from over 20 different nationalities.  

GoGift is a one-stop global gift provider, offering solutions assisting thousands of businesses worldwide with all their gifting, rewards, and incentive needs.

自2003年以来,GoGift通过向全世界15000余家企业提供具有创新性的礼品和福利激励方案, 在优化全球数字礼品行业过程中获得了全球行业领先地位。GoGift同时隶属于Egmont,北欧最大的传媒集团和以目标为导向的基金会。



通过公司法务,技术和财务团队的支持,GoGift 不断对全球礼品方案进行丰富和创新。通过自身国际化团队向全世界超过65个国家提供数以万计的全球礼品卡,GoGift团队成员来自于20多个不同国家。