Company Description

Gorrissen Federspiel is a full service law firm with practice areas covering all aspects of Danish and EU commercial law. The aim of the company is to provide legal advice at the highest professional and ethical level, tailored to the client's individual situation and requirements.  For many years, Gorrissen Federspiel has been positioned as one of the leading corporate law firms in Denmark with strong and long standing international relations. This position is a result of consistent dedication to quality and understanding of clients' needs.

Gorrissen Federspiel maintains close relations with leading lawyers worldwide and, at short notice, are able to provide clients with the professional assistance where ever they need it.

In view of the increasing importance of China, Gorrissen Federspiel has established a cross-practice group focusing on assisting Chinese companies with investments in Denmark and Danish companies with investments in China.

Gorrissen Federspiel律师行是一家可以提供全面服务的律师事务所,其执业领域涵盖丹麦和欧洲商业法的各个方面。公司的宗旨是根据客户具体的情况和要求,提供最高水平的专业的和符合道德的法律咨询。多年以来,Gorrissen Federspiel律师行一直是丹麦国内领先的公司制律师事务所,且有着强大的和长期的国际关系。这种领先地位是建立在对质量的关注和对客户需求的深刻的基础上的。

Gorrissen Federspiel律师行与世界上的很多领先的律师事务所维持的密切关系,能及时向客户提供专业帮助。

鉴于中国日益增加的重要性,Gorrissen Federspiel律师行已经建立了一个跨行业团队,负责帮助在丹麦投资的中国公司和在中国投资的丹麦公司提供帮助。