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About Hempel

As a world-leading manufacturer of trusted coating solutions, Hempel is a global company with strong values, working with customers in the decorative, marine, infrastructure and energy industries. Hempel factories, R&D centres and stock points are established in every region.

Hempel continues to invest in the Chinese market and innovation. With Chinese headquarters in Shanghai, Hempel operates three production sites here: in Yantai, Guangzhou and Zhangjigang (will be operational in 2022), and has offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dalian and Qingdao.

Hempel’s paints and coatings protect and beautify buildings, infrastructure and other assets, and play an essential role in our customers’ businesses. They help minimise maintenance costs, improve aesthetics and increase energy efficiency. They are also essential to sustainability, as they extend the useful lifetime of the assets they protect – helping lower the asset’s carbon footprint across its entire lifecycle.

Hempel’s purpose is to shape a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions. We believe that we will succeed only if we place sustainability at our heart. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will strengthen our competitive position, make us more resilient and reduce our risk.

Hempel was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1915. We are proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which ensures a solid economic base for the company and supports cultural, social, humanitarian and scientific purposes around the world.


关于 Hempel

作为全球领先且值得信赖的涂料解决方案供应商,Hempel 是一家拥有坚定价值观的全球化企业,在世界各地设有多个工厂、研发中心和存货点。Hempel 与装饰漆、海洋、基础设施和能源市场的客户携手奋进,共创辉煌。

Hempel 持续投资中国市场和创新领域。公司中国总部设在上海,Hempel 在中国拥有三个生产基地,分别位于烟台、广州和张家港(将于 2022 年投产),办事处设在深圳、香港、北京、大连和青岛。

Hempel 的油漆和涂料致力于保护和美化建筑物、基础设施与其他资产,在客户的业务中发挥着不可或缺的作用。公司产品助力降低维护成本,提升美观度并提高能源效率。它们在可持续领域也发挥着至关重要的作用,能够延长其所保护之资产的使用寿命——有助于减少资产在整个生命周期的碳足迹。

Hempel 致力于发展可持续的涂料解决方案,塑造更灿烂的未来。我们坚信,只有始终以可持续发展为念,公司才能取得成功。这不仅是一件应该为之努力的事业,也能巩固我们的竞争地位,提升我们的适应能力,并降低我们的风险。

Hempel 于 1915 年在丹麦哥本哈根成立。公司隶属 Hempel 基金会,后者在确保为公司奠定坚实经济基础的同时,支持世界各地文化、人道主义及科学事业。