Company Description

IRD Fuel Cells is a global manufacturer of components for fuel cells, hydrogen production and flow batteries, offering the core components ofMembrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) and Bipolar Flow Plates (BPP) for a broad range of segments such as automotive, back-up power and stationary power generation.

IRD Fuel Cells has been in the business since 1996, with a highly skilled team striving for the same goal: To develop and ensure a sustainable future.

The vision in IRD Fuel Cells is to be acknowledged as the leading supplier of unlimited energy solutions of the future, by offering tailor-made strategic components with focus on lowering the total cost of energy.

IRD Fuel Cells has a global footprint established in Europe, North America and China with headquarter in Denmark, Europe, division in New Mexico, USA, and sales offices in California, USA and China.

IRD Fuel Cells leverage in partnership with our strategic investor Weifu Hi-Technology Group Co. expansion and growth in China.