Company Description

The story of Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies begins in 1933. The use of quality butter gives Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies their unique appearance, aroma and taste, and the special technique of baking each type of cookie individually ensures that they are always superbly crisp. Safeguarding quality is one of our top priorities, and only through strict quality control are our customers able to experience the unique golden, crunchy, full of butter aroma that Kjeldsens® offers. Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies are produced in and imported from Denmark, an enduring promise that guarantees the quality and flavours of our product.

Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies entered the China market in the early 1980s, and, along with the rapid development of the country, quickly flourished from a few retail locations to today’s extensive network covering over 45 cities. In addition to bringing the flavours of traditional Danish butter cookies to the Chinese, Kjeldsens® has also created a wealth of positive values, joining hands with the Chinese community to achieve extraordinary results. As an internationally renowned brand, Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies have become a household name in China, and a valuable and influential product within the retail market. Being an ideal gift for any festive occasion, Kjeldsens® Butter Cookies not only introduced the Western idea of celebratory gift giving to China, it also blends seamlessly into the Chinese values of filial piety, respect and love.