Loevschall is a leading supplier of high-quality LED lighting solutions, mirrors and for the kitchen & bathroom industry and retail. We deliver to the entire Nordic region as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France and England. We are the main supplier to Nobia and TMK, which have brands such as HTH and uno form. Behind high-quality light is the fact that we develop products that have a fantastic light with the market's highest RA values, as well as products that are easy and safe to install.

In addition to our range of LED spots, we have a correspondingly large range of mirrors with LED lights. The range includes mirrors with and without touch as well as with and without MultiWhite® to maximize the light effect. We also develop and manufacture electrical installations for customer specific solutions and OEM lightning products and lamps.

We have a long history behind us, which started in 1975 with the production of built-in lights for pine cabinets for the furniture industry.

Loevschall is a responsible company that places CSR and sustainability high on the agenda, and ensures that we constantly improve ourselves in production, packaging and energy consumption.

We are a well-consolidated company with deep roots in LED technology. We have an office and warehouse in Randers placed in the middle of Denmark with our own quality and development department and stock our entire product range. We have a dedicated quality department in Guangzhou China which controls and oversees the production.


Loevschall 是高品質 LED 照明解決方案、鏡子以及廚房和浴室行業以及零售業的領先供應商。我們運送到整個北歐地區以及德國、荷蘭、奧地利、法國和英國。我們是NobiaTMK的主要供應商,擁有HTHuno form等品牌。高品質燈光的背後是我們開發的產品具有市場上最高 RA 值的夢幻般的燈光,以及易於安裝且安全的產品。

除了我們的 LED 射燈系列外,我們還提供相應範圍廣泛的帶 LED 燈的鏡子。該系列包括帶和不帶觸摸的鏡子,以及帶和不帶 MultiWhite® 的鏡子,以最大限度地提高光效。我們還為客戶特定的解決方案和 OEM 閃電產品和燈具開發和製造電氣裝置。

我們擁有悠久的歷史,始於 1975 年為家具行業生產用於松木櫥櫃的內置燈。

Loevschall 是一家負責任的公司,將企業社會責任和可持續發展放在重要議程上,並確保我們在生產、包裝和能源消耗方面不斷改進自己。

我們是一家綜合性很強的公司,深植於 LED 技術。我們在丹麥中部的蘭德斯設有辦公室和倉庫,擁有自己的質量和開發部門,並儲存我們的整個產品系列。我們在中國廣州設有專門的質量部門,負責控制和監督生產。