Company Description

Medicoindustrien is the industry association for companies in Denmark which develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise take an interest in medical devices.

Medicoindustrien's goal is to strengthen the ability for more than 190 member companies to operate in the Danish Market.

We do that by working closely with political decision makers, the healthcare system and the research institutes to closely monitor the needs, demands and challenges in the Danish Health Care Sector and to offer solutions where needed.

Medicoindustrien provides counseling, network opportunities and education to members in order to strengthen their ability to develop and sell medical devices and to comply to the regulatory framework for the sector.

Members of Medicoindustrien have access to:

  • Network. we have more than 20 expert groups, where people from the industry meet to discuss specific areas relating to MedTech.
  • MedTech Academy. We offer a wide range of courses, seminars and educations at a discount rate for members of Medicoindustrien.
  • Regulatory advisors. We have in-house experts in the regulatory framework surrounding Medical Devices.