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Highlights from E-commerce Crash Course

In the fall 2017 DCBF held a crash course on e-commerce in China, hosted by Confederation of Danish Enterprise. Watch selected takeaways from the event.

What is a KOL?
Rasmus Gregersen, CEO, Ni Hao CPH
When doing business in China, it can be a headache to promote your brands and generate sales. Fortunately, we are in the internet age in which we can gain influence quickly if we find the right solution. Working with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) is one of the most powerful methods you’ll need. KOLs work a bit like bloggers do in Denmark. They stream, they blog and are visible on social media. A lot of their activity is product reviews and it is here you might benefit.

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IPR in China
Thomas Mølgaard, Partner, Zacco

China can be difficult to tackle in terms of intellectual property rights (IPR). While registration in theory is pretty straight forward many companies end up with complications. Trademark squatters buying up random patents and trademarks is a common phenomenon in China and something to be aware of.

Choosing the right platform
Niels Christian Flintholm, Founder & Partner, EF Consult

What platform is better for your product? Do you pick one of the big horizontal platforms where you get a shop-in-shop and are guaranteed views of your product? Or one of the smaller, more specialized and less expensive vertical platforms?

The Chinese Consumer
Jacob Juul, Partner, Zupersoft
Chinese consumers are very diverse and complex to understand. Moreover, China is not a homogeneous market. It should be understood as 22 diverse city clusters, argues Jacob Juul.

Claus Madsen, VP Business Relations, Ehub Nordic
How to get your product from Denmark to China? In general three solutions are possible. You can either ship directly from Denmark, establish a bonded warehouse in China or do a total import solution, which requires setting up a company in China.

Social Media Landscape
Deheng Xie, eCommerce Expert & Tmall Shop Owner
What does the social media landscape in China look like and how has it evolved?

Approval and Label Requirements
Chen Chen Hu, Legal Consultant, Kromann Reuemert
What do you need to look out for in terms of product approval and labeling requirements? In 2017, a positive list was issued of products allowed into China. Having your product on the list might be a big deal. Watch Chen Chen Hu break down the fundamentals.