Company Description is a professional business advisory & service firm in Shanghai that offers practical business and legal advice, support and services to international investors (mostly Scandinavian companies) with their market access, company establishments and business operations in China.

The team has a strong business and legal background combined with more than 20 years of experience in assisting foreign-invested enterprises with the Critical Success Factors of Doing Business in China. Everything is based on practical solutions to daily operational issues.

The company has a strong network of specialists within Legal, Accounting, Trading, HR, Market Research, E-commerce, Social Media and IT in China that they access for additional expert support.

Business Services

· Market Appraisal

· Go-to-Market Research

· Operational Support

· Project Management

Legal Services

· Company Establishment (e.g. WFOE, JV, HK Limited)

· IPR Protection and Registration

· Contract Reviewing & Drafting

· Contract Negotiations

· Labor Contract and Employee Handbook Preparation

· Labor Dispute Settlement

·  Mergers and Acquisitions

· Company Background Checks

· Legal Translation

· Work Permit and Residence Permit

· Litigation and Arbitration Support

Sales & Marketing Services

· Partner Search

· Trade Facilitation

· Copywriting 

Accounting Services

· Accounting & Financial Reporting

· Payroll

The Founding Partner, Noam David Stern, is from Copenhagen, Denmark but has lived in China since 2005.





· 市场评估

· 市场准入调研

· 运营支持

· 项目管理


· 公司设立(如外商独资企业、合营企业、香港有限公司)

· 知识产权保护以及登记

· 合同审核及起草

· 合同谈判

· 起草劳动合同和员工手册

· 劳动纠纷解决

· 并购

· 公司背景调查

· 法律翻译

· 工作许可以及拘留许可办理

· 协助诉讼和仲裁


· 合作伙伴搜索

· 提供与贸易相关的便利服务

· 文案设计


· 会计记账和财务报表

· 薪酬税金计算

创始合伙人Noam David Stern先生来自丹麦哥本哈根,于2005年起在中国居住和工作。