Company Description

Pluribus ApS was established in 2007 as an independent advisory and consultancy company by its sole owner and CEO, Sven Riskaer, building on his experience and worldwide network of contacts obtained through more than 50 years of active work with private sector investments on a global scale. Pluribus ApS provides advice and direct staff support to transnational companies in areas such as management, funding, technical and commercial strategy and growth planning. As managing director of the Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) for almost 30 years, and before that as CEO in a large private multinational company, Sven Riskaer has been actively involved in creating and managing many hundred companies all over the world, and he has, starting in 1986, been engaged in the promotion and creation of close to 100 companies in China.

Pluribus ApS 成立于2007年,是一家独立的顾问咨询公司,公司的所有人兼CEO Sven Riskaer先生在私人投资领域有50多年的工作经验,并因此拥有遍布全球的商业人际网络。Pluribus为有跨国业务的公司提供在管理、资金、技术、商业策略及发展规划等领域内的建议和直接员工支持。Sven Riskaer先生曾在丹麦发展中国家工业化基金会 (IFU) 担任总裁近30年,在此之前则为一所大型私有跨国公司的CEO,由此Riskaer先生一直在全球多个国家创建及管理几百家公司,并且从1986年开始,他在中国已经宣传及创办了近百家公司。