Company Description

Royal Greenland’s heritage dates back to 1774 where the Royal Danish Trade was founded in Greenland. Today the company is the world’s largest supplier of cold water prawns and plays a significant role as a key processor of high quality seafood from the North Atlantic. The company owns a modern fleet of both ocean-going trawlers and smaller vessels for in-shore fishery. It furthermore operates a number of production facilities in Greenland, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and China.

The primary assortment is founded in the unique high quality raw material from the North Atlantic, where cold water prawns, Greenland halibut, lump fish roe and cod are among the most valued delicacies. The assortment also covers a broad range of species from other areas, i.e. Alaska Pollack, plaice and flounder.

For a number of years Royal Greenland has with great success and satisfaction processed various cuts and sushi items mainly for the Japanese market in Rizhao in China. Furthermore the company process i.e. Alaska Pollack and cod for the European market in China. Sales and distribution in China is carried out via a long standing relationship with local partners with own cold storage and distribution facilities. 

Royal Greenland 的历史要追溯到 1774 年,当丹麦皇家贸易开始在格陵兰生根发芽的时候。如今,公司已发展成为全球最大的冷水虾供应商和来自北大西洋的高品质海产公司代表。公司拥有一支现代化的船队,包含适合远洋作业的拖网渔船和适合近海渔场的小型船舶。此外还在格陵兰、加拿大、丹麦、德国、波兰、俄罗斯和中国经营着一系列生产线。


多年来,Royal Greenland 为中国日照的日本料理市场提供的多种刺身和寿司原料获得了巨大的成功和极佳的口碑。此外,公司还为中国的欧洲市场供应阿拉斯加绿鳕和鳕鱼。而在中国的销售和配送则通过具备冷藏和配送设施的当地长期固定合作伙伴实现。