Company Description

Struers is a production company that develops, manufactures and distributes materialographic solutions for the preparation and testing of metals, etc. The company is owned by the U.S. conglomerate Roper Industries Inc.

Struers’ strength is the development and production of full-and semi-automatic equipment for laboratories of any size within industrial quality inspection and research. Struers’ materialographic experience has led to the development of equipment that combines the highest possible preparation quality with a high degree of usability.

Struers is a total supplier of equipment and consumables for metallographic sample preparation from simple manual machines to sophisticated software-controlled preparation systems. Struers also offers a wide range of hardness testers and unique software solutions for lab management.

Optimal preparation quality and ease of use is a high priority in all development projects. Struers manufactures and delivers not only machinery and equipment/consumables for materialographic preparation processes, but complete systems and solutions that streamline daily routines and meet future demands.

Struers is the global market leader and exports 99% of its revenue, partly through Struers’ 18 sales companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and partly through more than 30 distributors in countries where Struers is not represented.

The market for Struers products are mainly in the manufacturing and processing industry, where customers need to perform microstructure analysis in connection with quality control or failure analysis of solid materials - typically metals.

Customers are predominantly within the automotive industry, electronics industry, aircraft manufacturers, foundries and steel enterprises as well as the education sector.

Struers’ products and services have been distributed for the past few decades to the Chinese market. Struers Shanghai was established in 2004 as an independent entity. In March 2012 Struers Shanghai moved to its own building with a first-class modern showroom and lab facilities in order to serve our customers in the best way possible.






Struers产品的市场主要在制造和加工行业,客户需要进行材料的微观结构分析,这关联到固体材料的质量控制或失效分析 – 尤其是金属材料。