Company Description

Thomsen Trampedach is an Online Brand Protection service provider with offices in Copenhagen and Zurich. Thomsen Trampedach manages large domain name portfolios, launches new gTLDs, monitors and takes down infringing content across Websites, Marketplaces, Social Media, Apps and Domain Names globally and gives advice on new trends and threats.

As a member of ICANN´s Intellectual Property Constituency, INTA´s Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, MARQUES, and China IPR Helpdesk, Thomsen Trampedach has established a global network of legal experts, as well as domain name registries, registrars and hosting providers. This network and the firm’s years of experience have enabled Thomsen Trampedach to provide tailor-made and effective Online Brand Protection services for clients in a variety of different industries. 

Thomsen Trampedach is committed to helping clients protect their trademarks online in China. The firm has both Chinese and Chinese-speaking staff, and further assists large Chinese corporations with Online IP management in the rest of the world, including Denmark. Simply put, Thomsen Trampedach is a one-stop online brand protection provider.


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