Company Description

Wrist globally

Wrist Ship Supply is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of provisions and stores, and supplies a broad range of products, including provision and deck, engine, electrical, cabin and bonded stores. The service concept include the storage, surrender and transport of customers' own supplies and spare as well as provision and stores management services.

From 30 operations around the globe, all Wrist team members take pride in making it easy for customers to receive their supplies – where and when requested – on time, in full and cost efficiently.

Our mission and purpose is to provide Expert care – making our customers’ life at sea better and Wrist a great place to work.

Wrist in China

Wrist started up in the Shenzhen/Guangzhou area back in 2012/2013 and added a Shanghai office in 2017. Wrist China is lead by Mrs Wu Ying Li Kier and pursues a 3 pronged strategy

1) as a global sourcing center for all Wrist offices worldwide

2) as a ship chandler servicing most commercial ports and shipyards, either directly or through sub-agents

3) canvassing Chinese shipowners to use Wrist's worldwide network when their fleets call foreign ports

A key feature of Wrist in China is the 'initial supplies' to newbuilt commercial ships of all kinds. Wrist has hitherto outfitted 160 ships in various shipyards in China, Japan and Korea, enjoys excellent local 'guanxi' and an unparalleled reputation with European shipowners with regards to the initial storing up.

Wrist(利森特) 全球

利森特船舶物资供应(Wrist Ship Supply)是世界领先的船舶和离岸作业点的食品、物料供应商,供应范围涵盖伙食及甲板、机舱、电器、生活用品,免税品物资等。服务内容包括仓储、转运客户货物及备件,以及伙食物料管理服务等。



Wrist China 利森特中国

利森特最先于2012年在珠三角(深圳/广州)区域开展业务,于2017年成立上海分公司。利森特中国(Wrist China)由吴迎莉女士(Mrs Wu Ying Li Kier)带领并实行三个战略目标

1) 作为采购中心为全球Wrist分公司服务

2) 作为主要商业码头,港口以及船厂的船舶物资供应合作商

3) 让Wrist全球联网化服务成为国内船东客户在国外港口有需求时的首选

利森特在中国的最主要特点是提供对各种类新造船的首次供应,迄今为止在中国, 日本,韩国等不同船厂已经配送160船舶,有出色的当地优势,尤其在欧洲船东中拥有无与伦比的声誉。