Nordic Leadership in China - The Edge of an Inclusive Leadership Style in a Chinese Context

Event: Partner Event with DCCC
Date: 28/11/2019
Venue: Royal Danish Consulate General, Shanghai Room 3101, 2201 Yan'an West Road, Shanghai

The Nordic Leadership Style is characterized by being Nurturing, Open, Responsivem, Direct, Inclusive and Commited - and has a lot to offer in a fast-paced, everchanging and challenging working-environment where we fight for innovation, self-motivated and -driven work-individuals who are ready to challenge the status quo and yet able to deliver and perform when needed. This afternoon we discuss what the what the Nordic Leadership style is and has to offer, and what to take into consideration when applying it in a Chinese context. It is important to mix-and-match the approach to get the best from both worlds and to blend it into a style which attracts a broad Chinese workforce and avoids some of the pitfalls which may arise if we do not take cultural sensitivities into consideration. When mixed and matched well, we end up with a leadership style which is competitive, builds on the strengths and ideas from employees and ensures that teams work well together. This afternoon you get insight into the secret sauce of this blend from real life stories and theoretical inputs from Pernille Hippe Brun, Lotte Norgreen and Yingli Kier, all three esteemed guest-speakers and with extensive experience from leading in China.

Online Discussion Group: Blockchain Technology

Event: Online Discussion Group w. Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg, Deloitte Digital NextGen
Date: 17/12/2019

DCBF, Tradeshift, and Deloitte Digital have been very instrumental in developing the project ‘Verified Danish’; a blockchain solution which has been adopted in the agricultural sector. At this discussion group, we will explain why such a solution ought to be applied in basically all other export sectors. By participating you can therefore not only get an insight into what blockchain is all about but also learn why this is the case.

A short introduction to blockchain and why this ought to be relevant to more or less all export sectors of Danish industry will be introduced by Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg, Director at Deloitte Digital NextGen after which there will be an open dialogue on the subject for interested members of DCBF who is considering such solution (or just want to learn more).

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