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Danish Chinese Business Life Science Healthcare
Fast-track Market Access to the Chinese Healthcare Market via Hainan
Free Access
Life Science

China is the World’s second largest market for medical equipment and medicine, but many Danish companies hold back from starting exports or own sales in China due to lack of market knowledge and entry barriers.  

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GP-Training China Denmark Podcast
Adopting the Danish GP-Training Model in China
Life Science

In late 2019, the Danish Ministry of Health and the University of Southern Denmark, offered an international post-graduate training program for general practitioners in partnership with Chinese universities, as part of the Healthy China 2030 program. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic got in its way. The vision, at this point in time, now that China has reopened, is to sign similar MoU's with the universities in China, with the aim to promote the Danish GP-Model. 

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E-Commerce China Denmark Business Podcast
The Chinese Online Ecosystem: What You Need to Consider
E-commerce & Social Media

Establishing online presence in China is crucial, but this can be challenging, as the online ecosystem in China is entirely different than the one, we know in the West. Becoming successful on the online ecosystem in China requires constant effort and adaptation - platforms and consumer behavior is entirely different than in the West, and therefore your online strategy must be so as well. 

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Implications of Fewer Expats in China: Direct input from Shanghai
Implications of Fewer Expats in China: Direct input from Shanghai
Only a few years ago, there were approximately 849.000 foreigners living in China. Now there may be fewer than 60.000 as a consequence of the lockdowns in China among others.
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