On the 20th of September 2023, representatives from China Economic Cooperation Center (CECC) visited Danish Chinese Business Forum to exchange views on potential bilateral cooperation projects.

Since 1993, CECC has served to further the cooperation between China and other countries. This involves facilitating the investment of Chinese enterprises “going global”, while also introducing foreign investment to China. Concerning the latter, CECC remains dedicated to helping foreign businesses in addressing their concerns regarding doing business in China as well as connecting them with local Chinese government agencies, industrial parks and enterprises.

The delegation was headed by President Mr. Peng Yong. At the meeting were also a representation from the Chinese Embassy together with two DCBF board members, Fei Chen (Vice Chairwoman) and Peter Trampe, as well as Secretary General Hans Henrik Pontoppidan.

Thank you to the visitors from the delegation and the Chinese Embassy for a very constructive dialogue.