On Friday July 7th, Danish-Chinese Business Forum attended the Huzhou-Copenhagen Urban Sustainability and Business Promotion Dialogue in Copenhagen

The workshop was hosted and organised by NordicFlexHouse and a delegation from The People's Government of Huzhou Municipality led by Mr. Jin Kai, Deputy Mayor of Huzhou.

On behalf of DCBF, Secretary General Hans Henrik Pontoppidan delivered a keynote speech at the workshop, highlighting the importance of Sino-Danish cooperation within sustainability.

China's goal to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 underscores China's sustainable ambitions, whcih can have profound impact on the global climate crisis and our shared future.

Huzhous is recognised as one of the frontrunners in China when it comes to promoting sustainability. At the workshop, two demonstation projects were highlighted, the Eco Village and the Greenlab, both being examples of Huzhou's ambitions withing sustainability. 

For many decades, Danish companies have been global pioneers when it comes to sustainability. in 2023, 5 Danish companies rank amond the 25 most sustainable companies in the world, and many Danish companies have provided China with sustainable solutions. 

Business cooperation within sustainability between Denmark and China is key to achieving the two countries' sustainability goals, and we would like to thank the Huzhou Municipal People's Government and NordicFlexHouse for organising and hosting this highly important workshop.