The Chinese Value Chain Network is a newly established partnership, that intends to use its shared strengths and abilities to create a platform which will enable Danish companies across industries to obtain greater knowledge on value chain matters on the Chinese market. It is a collaboration between the Trade Council China, Erhvervshus Hovedstaden/Bæredygtige Værdikæder, Danish Export Association, Danish-Chinese Business Forum, Ethical Trade Denmark, and UN Global Compact Network Denmark.  

The partnership aims to help Danish companies in mitigating risks in the value chain as well as ensuring their future ability to comply with growing international demands for green and sustainable value chain standards, but also to align with core values including labor rights.  

Topics include, but do not limit to:  

  • Building a Sustainable Value Chain from China to Europe 

  • Risk Mitigation 

  • DK, EU and CN laws, regulations and directives 

  • Due diligence 


The partnership initiative will address the abovementioned topics through a series of five round table workshops, through which selected experts will both facilitate knowledge sharing and drive the discussion among the participating Danish companies and organisations. Four of these workshops will take place in China, and one in Denmark, with all of them providing the opportunity for online participation. These workshops aim to make it easier for Danish companies to both understand the value chain landscape, and to craft and implement a sustainable value chain strategy in China, while adopting preventive measures to identify and avoid risks.